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Need Help Getting Your House In Order?

Ideally we become involved with clients at an early stage particularly in developing an organisations policies and standards or strategic direction in respect of Information Security.

Once a strategic direction has been established and policies & standards are put in place, organisations find that less remedial work is needed later.

We have considerable experience in design and implementation, assessing network security, drawing up service level agreements, and making provisions. We can help with vendor and system selection.

If an organisation already has an established security function we can review its procedures and personnel and make recommendations. Some of the key topics currently assigned to us by clients are:

  • Policy Definition or Review
  • Information Security Controls, Planning & Design
  • Security Solution & Vendor Selection
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Briefings
  • Awareness Programs
  • Risk Analysis
  • Implementation Management
  • Management can only be effective if properly informed. Sound decisions must be based on a combination of commercial judgment and knowledge of the facts. The timeliness and accuracy of information as input to these decisions is paramount.

    Decisions may range from deciding how to make the best use of existing resources, to deciding on strategic business issues. Developments in Information Technology and telecommunications mean that more data is accessible within an organisation.

    With the proliferation of types of computer and the complexity of software, it is not easy for management to form an objective view of the security in force throughout an organisation's information infrastructure.